Something every parent desires is a well behaved child when dining out, that is why the trayZ – no stress, no mess portable high chair tray is a must have! trayZ makes any dinning experience a remarkable one. It doesn’t matter where or when you plan to eat, the patent pending design of trayZ makes it extremely convenient to always have on hand. The portability of trayZ is what makes this product so special. trayZ is large enough to give your child a perfect sized area to eat, but also folds up small enough to store in your diaper bag. When it comes to dining out with children, it doesn’t get any easier than this!

**Neutral (shown above)
**trayZ for Boys and trayZ for Girls COMING SOON!

Safety & Sanitation:

The trayZ – no stress, no mess portable high chair tray was designed with safety and sanitation in mind. Since the trayZ portable high chair tray locks into place, your child will remain safely seated until YOU decide they can get out. The most outstanding feature of trayZ, is that your child or child’s food will never have to touch the restaurants table! This will eliminate your child from coming in contact with germs and many other harmful bacteria.


Cleaning the trayZ – no stress, no mess portable high chair tray is a breeze. Simply wipe it off with a napkin and later when you get home throw it in the dishwasher. It is that simple. Never again will you have to leave a restaurant feeling awful or embarrassed because of the horrible mess your child left on the floor/table of the establishment.


Finding a utensil that is small enough for our children to use at a restaurant is impossible. For this very reason trayZ has its own utensil storage compartment hidden underneath the tray. Our children will never have to struggle with the full size utensils ever again.   

Ease of Mind:

The trayZno stress, no mess portable high chair tray was engineered to provide a very convenient and portable way to dine with your children. trayZ will give your child his/her own personal space, which will make dining a more peaceful experience for everyone. trayZ allows parents to sit their children at a safe distance from the table in order to prevent the throwing of food, plates, cups, utensils, etc. We as parents no longer have to take the walk of shame because our child spilled a drink on our laps. trayZ is the solution for all of our dining out needs!